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Fernando Moreira Salles


Fernando Moreira Salles

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[…] aquilo que é a marca do nosso estranho destino sobre a terra, aquele fato sem explicação que iguala tudo o que é vivo num só […]

Repouse em paz Ariano Suassuna.

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Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.  (July 23, 1989)


Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe (July 23th, 1989).

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Happy 01st Birthday Prince George 

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My great-great-grandmother’s portrait hung in the university up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

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when you know a word in english but not your native language


when there’s no english equivalent to a word from your native language and vice versa


accidentally switching between your native language and english in a sentence 


hearing someone speak your native language when you’re on vacation on some weird ass country