21 years old. Ships, books, nature, random things. I express myself with song lyrics.
amor omnia vincit

Happy Birthday David! 
14th April 1971

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David Tennant | sitting like a grown man requested by alaska-riversong

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RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Photograph by Helmut Newton.


RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Photograph by Helmut Newton.

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I wanted to make a strong mother character. The portrayal of women in epic fantasy has been problematical for a long time. These books are largely written by men but women also read them in great, great numbers. And the women in fantasy tend to be very atypical women… They tend to be the woman warrior or the spunky princess who wouldn’t accept what her father lays down, and I have those archetypes in my books as well. However, with Catelyn there is something reset for the Eleanor of Aquitaine, the figure of the woman who accepted her role and functions with a narrow society and, nonetheless, achieves considerable influence and power and authority despite accepting the risks and limitations of this society. - GRRM on Catelyn Stark

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-1009; take me back


-1009; take me back

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